Sarah Magdalena

Sarah Magdalena

Beautiful Business Technology
an interview with Sarah Magdalena

Sarah is the perfect example of how you can combine two seemingly random passions into streaming successes. I often help clients merge passions to create a business that makes their souls sing…so I love when others can pursue their multiple passions in a way that feeds their spirit.

In this audio interview, I dare you to listen to Sarah and not get carried away by her story, her vision, her lyrical voice, and the way she brings beauty to something that can be overwhelming like business technology.

Another one who bucked the system to follow her passions, Sarah started Marie Forleo’s B-school in 2015 to expand her clarity and her brand. Now she runs her business + a blog on healing, herbalism and magic. #shesundeniable

Check out Sarah’s interview here…

Note from Jen: Sarah was the FIRST and ONLY person for a while to get the answer to the final question right.

Wanna learn more about Sarah? Here are some deets…

Sarah Magdalena Love is a web designer and online marketing consultant on a mission to help female entrepreneurs build beautiful online platforms, implement their wildest tech dreams and make it all feel easy and fun. She offers affordable packages that include strategy sessions as well as compassionate handholding and also runs DIY courses on web design with WordPress and branding with Canva. She also runs a blog on healing, herbalism and magic over at

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