This Week In Mischief-Making...

From the editor:  Sticky fingers on your keyboard, explosive diaper changes in the middle of a call, and constant interruptions that don’t allow you to complete a single thought – being a parent and an entrepreneur comes with its own unique set of crazy challenges. >>


The Boss Mom

Dana Malstaff caught my eye a few months back when I was searching for a community of mompreneurs to hang with.

Boss-Moms® by far, is my favorite group on Facebook to connect with like-minded souls supporting one another. The community is engaged, compassionate and just plain cool. >>






Working with your spouse? How this power couple does it.

Jen & Philip Oloo founded SPACIALISTS in order to develop stunningly realistic 3D visualizations and Virtual Reality experiences for all types of spaces. This power couple transformed their own dreams into reality >>

The Intentional Bookshelf

Samantha Munoz helps you foster the love of literature for your children while also teaching important concepts that reflect your family’s values. She’s pioneered the idea of creating an Intentional Bookshelf for you and your family. >>

From Military Wife to Successful Mompreneur

Busy military wife, Amanda Koch, is one of the best examples out there of someone who doesn’t give up. After a string of miscarriages, Amanda held strong, changed her diet and lifestyle to have a healthy child. >>

3 Money Mistakes Women Entrepreneurs Make

What if you always felt confident in your ability to make money in your business, to charge what you’re worth, and to freely allow abundance into your life in exchange for doing work you love? UM – who wouldn’t, right?! What if you had the ability to create the income you want, when you want it — without working more hours than you already are, or feeling stressed and on the brink of burnout? If making money in your business feels hard, then listen up. >>


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